Name: Niu Bing

Subordinate forces: Luo Feng Village

Occupation: Summoner order: Low order Summoner apprenticeship (0%)

Age: 20

Life: 110

Health: 30

Mana: 20

Physical attack: 1

Magic attack: 5

Physical Defense: 1

Magic Defense: 1

Attack speed: 1

Movement speed: 1.1

Gift: 1. Each lifting a small order, increase the summon beast attack damage by 3%.

Each lifting a small order, increase summon beast health by 3%.

Skills: Spiritualism level 1 (Summoner basic skills through cultivation can gradually enhance strength. Skill level increase with career-order ascension. )

Summon dark wolf  level 1 (summon a dark wolf dealing magic damage at close range, Inherited 100% of the Summoner property. Dark Wolf duration last for 10 minutes, cooldown is 1 minute. Spells consume 10 mana. Proficiency 0%. )

Equipment: Stick: Summoner status symbol, hold no additional properties.