Name: Yu Kai

Subordinate forces: Luo Feng village

Occupation: Archer order: Archer Low apprentice (0%)

Age: 19

Life: 110 years

Health: 25

Mana: 25

Physical attack: 5

Magical attack: 1

physical Defense: 1

Magic Defense: 1

Attack speed: 1

Movement speed: 1.1

Gift: 1. Each lifting a small order, enhance physical attack 3%.

Each lifting a small order, enhance range attack distance 3%.

Skills: Tactic level 1 (Archer basic skills through tactic can gradually enhanced strength. Skill level with career-order ascension upgrade. )

Magic arrow level 1 (magic attached to the arrows, attacking distant targets, resulting in 100% physical damage, attack distance of 30 metres, no special effects. Spells consume 4 mana. Proficiency 0%. )

Equipment: Wooden bow: Archer status symbol, no additional properties.

Quiver: Magic bag containing arrows per minute automatic restoration of an arrow, no additional properties.